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8 Things You'll Wish You Bought BEFORE You Moved Into Your Dorm!

It's that time of the summer. When everyone gets their housing assignments and all of the stores are out of over the door storage and husband pillows. A few days ago, the ever-famous Bed, Bath&Beyond Dorm Essentials catalogue landed in my mail. I looked at it, thinking about all of the things that I wish I had bought before I had moved in. Yeah, it would have been nice if I had picked up a speaker ottoman, but it would have been nicer if I had picked up these 8 things before I had moved in!

HDMI cord (and adapters!)

In my fall semester dorm, we had TVs everywhere. Every now and then, some of the us on the hall would have movie nights. (All of the ones I can remember spurred from two simple sentences “What do you mean you haven’t seen that yet?!?! It is a CLASSIC!!”) These only reason these were possible, were to a hall mates handy-dandy HDMI cord!  You can pick your own up here! The adapters are very important if your laptop does not have a standard HDMI port. You have a few choices: Buy the specific cord   (Pro: No fuss. Very simple Con: You are put in a hole with no flexibility) OR Buy some adapters  (Pro: You’re able to have some versatility Con: Extra pieces that could get lost) If you’re like me, you feel a little cut off when your laptop is hooked up. I suggest you consider getting an Ipad HDMI adapter! Here is an adapter compatible with the Ipad 1st and 2nd generation, and theIphone 4 and 4s.  Here is a cord compatible with the Ipad 3rd generation and up aswell as Iphone 5th generation and up!  That way, you can type your paper and still watch Netflix!


The dining hall will be your best friend a lot of the time….until it closes for the day. When I moved into my dorm for the first time, I had no idea what to buy when I moved into my dorm, so all I had was some orange juice, a box of cereal, a carton of almond milk, mac and cheese and a small array of herbs and spices. It took me long two weeks of going to bed hungry/ordering too many pizzas to figure out that if I could grocery shop, I could do one better. “Take out”! I went to Target and bought a Rubbermaid Tupperware set (similar to this one) with a gazillion pieces. You can probably put two and two together to figure out what I used them for. I still use that set today, it was such a great buy!

A coffee cup/ tumbler

Spring semester, the weather was testing everyone in NC. We were delivered what was commonly referred to as “Snowmageddon”. We went almost an entire week without classes, and even worse, the Japanese place wouldn’t deliver! 
Here’s a selfie of my roommate and I attempting to go get food in the storm in mid-February!
We were miserable.

Although the snow didn’t completely clear, classes began again, and when they did, my roommate and I were ready. We each had amazing coffee cups. Mine was a gift from my grandparents, and my roommate’s was a quirky mug that I absolutely envied. My roommate had gotten a free Keurig through a campus activity and we honestly abused it during Snowmageddon! The coffee cup kept me from freezing during my commute!

When the long unpredictable winter ended, a harsh spring greeted us. It was so hot! For about a week, I would go to Starbucks and buy a water cup, which was $.32 at our on-campus Starbucks. (All they do is fill a 16-oz cold cup with ice and water a.k.a. cheaper than a water bottle from a vending machine!). When I finally had a chance to buy my own, I just bought a simple chevron tumbler from the dollar store! A big problem I had while on campus was staying hydrated and this cup definitely helped me out!

Throw blankets

If you are social on your hall, you will room hop! One of the worst things is walking into a freezing cold room and not being prepared. You don’t want to lug around your chunky comforter, do you? Throw blankets are great for you and your company!  I didn’t even buy a single throw blanket for my dorm. I got them all from hone!


“I don’t need those, I’ll just wear socks!” – Me, before I knew better…
I had a pair of moccasins I had bought from target when I was about 16 (similar to these). By the time my first semester of college had come around, they were rugged. Rugged lifesavers. During the first unexpected fire alarm, a small panic filled me when I realized almost all of my shoes needed an obscene amount of lacing. While mentally kicking myself for not having a large variety of shoes, I saw them. Lying in the bottom of my wardrobe: the life saving slippers. Other than keeping me from wearing unlaced boots during a fire drill, they were also the best when I had to run to the bathroom!

A toothbrush caddy

I know you’ve probably had your eye on the perfect shower caddy, but a toothbrush caddy? In my fall semester dorm, there were no sinks in our rooms, so we had to brush our teeth in the community bathroom. After realizing that our bathrooms are not as clean as they could be, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought myself a small plastic storage basket (like this one). This gave me peace of mind about avoid germs and bacteria!

Dish Soap and Sponges

Just because you leave home, doesn’t mean you leave chores! If you buy plates and cups that are not disposable, you’re going to need to wash them. There may be soap and a sponge in your community kitchen, but do you really want to use a sponge that you don’t know the history of?  

Air Fresheners 

I’ll spare you a story and just tell you, dorm buildings stink. You need to fight that stench before it creeps into your clothes and sheets. My arsenal consisted of a wax warmer (similar to this one), linen spray (similar to this), solid air fresheners (like this ), plug-ins (similar to this ), automatic sprays (like this), I washed my laundry in strong detergent and fabric softener and I had a few room sprays (I love this one). The first dorm I lived in was one of the last ones built on campus, the second I lived in was the first one ever built. This means that no matter where you live, you may not escape the stench. At the least, pack some febreeze.

I really hope that this helps shed some light on what you need to pick up during your last minute shopping trips! Is there anything unlikely you picked up when you were moving in that you could not live without?? Leave it in the comments!

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Happy packing!

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