Sunday, June 15, 2014

To Thrift or Not To Thrift: Blankets and Throws

In August, I'm moving in with a few friends in a house outside of our campus and I realize that there are a lot of things I want but a lot of things I do not have. These things are in my family's home, but I can't take what they're using! 

I really love blankets. My bed is almost always a nest (as best shown in this picture of my spring dorm below) I've been looking for some cozy crocheted blankets and soft throws and I have been looking EVERYWHERE. My favorite places to stalk are eBay, West Elm,  as well as Target (their in store selection is small but so gratifying still) although often, the prices and selections would shift, I couldn't bring myself to spend so much on one blanket. (My college cheapness kicked in and I'm glad it did!) 

Taken after I had a rough, rainy morning. My room looked so comforting, I couldn't help myself.

My boyfriend and I are very into thrifting. We have so many thrift stores in our area, but not all of them get 5/5 stars. We also haven't been in a quarter of them because they're al oddly placed. We see them in strange places when we're on our way to something else.This summer, we have made a pact. If time allows, any yard sale, thrift store, or a consignment shop , we will stop in. 

In lieu of that, we stopped in 3 thrift store and one yard sale yesterday, all in a two hour span! I bought six blankets for $8! These blankets had very few blemishes and were really unique.  

3 blankets close-ups.

I got to thinking, when washing these blankets, did i really get a good deal? Did I jump the gun? Why not compare store bought and thrifted blankets? 

So to settle my mind, I am going to compare the two on a 5-star scale

The benefit of Store Bought Blankets


→  Although some of the blankets were cheap, you have to consider the shipping costs. They do add up.

Maintenance ★★★★ 

→  Care tags. Enough said.

Rarity ★★

→   If you're looking for one of a kind blanket, store bought may not be for you.

The benefit of Thrifting Blankets 

Price ★★★★★

→  The most expensive blanket I bought was $3. Absolutely fabulous, don't you agree?


→  Because every single blanket I bought was without a care tag, I put them in the wash and avoided machine drying them. I do wish that I had a better idea of how to care for these blankets.

Rarity ★★★★

→  Being that most of these are hand made, the variety in them is one of a kind!


Store Bought Blankets      |        Thrifted Blankets

    ★★                                                ★★★
     2.5 Stars                                        3 Stars

 Thrifted Blankets' win stems from their incredibly reasonable price and ability to find one of a kind pieces. The maintenance rating really hurts  TB's score. 
SBB however seems more reliable all around.

Personally, after doing this comparison, I'm a bit stumped! My heart says store bought, but my wallet says thrift! I'm just going to have to keep my eye open for deals everywhere!

Did this comparison help you make any decisions? If so, leave a comment!

Happy shopping!

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