Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Last Summer!

My first year of college came to and end about a month ago and now that graduation season is upon us, I’ve been reflecting a lot lately.

            Before we get started, let me congratulate you on graduation! This is a really exciting time in your life, when you go from living under your family’s wings and spreading your own! (Is it corny of me to want to stitch that on a pillow??)

I personally have a lot of regrets about getting ready to move into my dorm, mainly where my focus was when preparing. I had quite a few friends who were finishing up their first few semesters when I graduated and my regrets begin to surface when I remember the questions I used to ask them around my graduation time. A lot of my questions focused around food and thrift stores. The two things I am notorious for putting first and foremost.  I never asked about roommates, room sizes, or course loads. None of these things came to mind.
            Also around this time, I became incredibly invested in pintrest, I began a board called “Dorm-Spiration!” after I received my first housing assignment (which was a mistake that I will elaborate on in a future post about handling your business) and filled it with DIY decorations. My priorities were not perfect, to say the least.
            I wish I had found a resource that would help me straighten so I’ve decided to make my own! Over the next few weeks, I will write on topics varying from how to handle the unhandlable roommate to how to make a lasting impression on your professors!
            Be sure to check back for upcoming posts or sign up for the newsletters (coming soon) so you don’t miss out! Enjoy my Dorm-spiration! Board while you wait!

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