Monday, June 9, 2014

Easy Sugar Cookies (Reviews)

Yesterday, I had a horrible craving for sugar. The house is scarce on groceries and the only things in reach were gelatin rich snacks, like gummies and marshmallow treats. After cutting all gelatin products out of my diet a few years ago, I have never felt so tempted.
            Looking through the pantry and the cabinets, I’ve noticed that this house never runs out of certain things. We always have enough ingredients to turn out a batch of oatmeal cookies or sugar cookies. The last sugar cookie I had was a hard, puck-like, crumbling disappointment I picked up from the university cafeteria.
(I really took for granted the mounds of food at my disposal and am suffering now because I never think of what I want to make in time to add it to the grocery list.)

            When I came across the fabulously simple recipe Add A Pinch posted in December, I couldn’t contain myself, and immediately headed to the kitchen. I made these with the kids, the recipe was so simple, I could even let them handle the measurements! This recipe left me with an amazing batch of cookies and I highly recommend it! They were great to photograph and even better to eat!
Glamour shot!

Head to Add A Pinch to see the recipe!

Happy baking!

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